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7 Best Paper Towels Brands To Purchase in 2020

The paper towels are made of cellulose material which is present in plants. They are either made of wood, cotton, plants etc. The molecules present in the plant attracts the spillover and so paper towels are the best product for picking up or cleaning the spills. It is designed in such a way that provides grip for proper cleaning.

Furthermore we, the UrbanHome reviewers have reviewed and selected the top most brands which are best in paper towel rolls. We have compared them by their quality of the paper, durability and usability, size and quantity and of course the price. In the below-mentioned list, the paper rolls are either available as a single piece but mostly in packs and sets. One can easily purchase them and stock and use it whenever and wherever needed. So let’s get started and check out the list below.

1. Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels, White, 6 Double Rolls = 12 Regular Rolls

  • The Bounty paper towels are the leading best brand and the first choice of any user.
  • The paper towels are very thick, soft to hands and absorbent which cleans the spills and mess easily without any leftover.
  • The Bounty paper rolls have 2x more absorbent power which picks up the mess with little as one sheet.
  • The sheets last 50% longer than the other paper rolls as they are thick. The pack consists of 6 double rolls which mean 12 regular size rolls.
  • The paper rolls are white in colour and are available in different prints.
  • The bounty paper towel rolls have A-size paper which is bigger than the other rolls. The paper towels have excellent absorbency, flexibility and strength.
  • They are so absorbent that you can use them for a range of unexpected tasks, such as cleaning makeup brushes and jewellery.
  • The paper towels are so durable that it can be used in the place of dish rags or sponges. Dish sponges and rags leave a germy residue everywhere but for that reason with bounty, the durable paper towel goes right into the trash when done. These are 3x time cleaner than sponges.
  • It is available at the best and affordable prices and also in different sized packs. Currently, this product set of 6 double rolls is under discount and also have a coupon discount on paper towels purchase. Check out here –  Amazon

2. Amazon Brand – Presto, Flex-a-Size Paper Towel, 6 Count = 15 Regular Rolls

  • An Amazon brand, Presto paper towels are made with the pulp, sourced from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. The paper towels certainly are made of 2-ply sheets per roll that mean 2 layers of paper; hence, making it thick and 75% more absorbent.
  • The presto paper towels are made of Flex-a-Size papers. These towels last 2.5x times longer rather than other rolls. They are highly durable, long-lasting and a great absorber.
  • The paper towels come in a pack of huge rolls 6 counts (pack of 1) which mean 15 regular rolls. They are also available in  6 counts (pack of 2), 6 count (pack of 4) and also two styles that is flex-a-size and full sheet. Flex-a-size are of 6″ sheets and full size are of 10.4″ sheets.
  • Though it is only available in white colour the price varies according to the size pack and style. One can purchase according to their requirement.
  • The company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if the customer is not satisfied the company refunds the money within from a year of purchase.
  • You can check out here – Amazon

3. Viva Signature Cloth Choose- White, 6 Value Rolls

  • Viva Signature cloth paper towels are environment – friendly paper towels. They are 2x more durable, strong and soft to hands to do any toughest cleaning tasks.
  • Viva Paper towels help you tackle any job, wet or dry and has cloth-like durability.
  • Viva disposable paper towels are strong, absorbent and have micro textures to clean like cloth. It can be used throughout the home, kitchen or bathroom to clear the toughest mess.
  • The paper towels can also be used to clean any kind of spill or mess with ease. Also, it has value for money by their quality.
  • Each roll of paper towel cloth has 58 sheets which makes a total of 348+ sheets in a value roll of 6. They are also available in 12 family rolls and 24 family rolls pack.
  • Furthermore, the paper roll has a variety of sizes and one can select only the size you need with choose-A-sheet. It has value, big, big plus, giant, double, family and huge rolls. One can select according to their requirements. The prices vary for each size and pack.
  • The owner of Viva signature Kimberly Clark is proud to provide $4 million through May 31, 2020, to support World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to protect forests and other critical ecosystems. The ‘WWF’ and ‘World Wildlife Fund’ are WWF Registered Trademarks of 1986 Panda Symbol WWF.
  • Check out here- Amazon

4. Brawny Tear-A-Square Paper Towels, Quarter Size Sheets – 16 Count

  • The Brawny paper towels are made of 2 ply premium white sheets. These sheets have a unique quarter sheet option. As a result, it provides a smaller sheet size option for the smaller task so that the roll can last longer.
  • Brawny Tear A Square paper towels offer three sheet size in each roll. They are full sheet, half sheet and quarter sheet.
  • Hence, it can be used the amount needed without any waste. It consists of 256 quarter sheets per roll which make it easy to clean small spills.
  • These paper towels are strong, absorbent and durable. They are perfect for both tough messes and small everyday clean-ups like food preparation and cooking, cleaning glass, kitchen counters and bathroom vanities.
  • Also, these paper towels can be used to clean small spills and quick cleanups, to place snacks as a napkin or coasters.
  • This package contains 16 counts Tear A Square paper towel rolls which have 2 packs of 8 square rolls. Each paper towel roll has 256 quarter sheets. Each quarter sheet measures 5.5 (L) X 5.5 (W) inches. The pack also contain 12 count paper tower roll which has 2 pack of 6 rolls.
  • Check out here – Amazon

5. Sparkle Paper Towel, 24 Rolls = 47 Regular Rolls, (Pack of 1)

  • The sparkle paper towels are made of wider 2 ply premium white sheets. These paper towels can be used to clean any size mess. Further, the paper towels are available in regular full sheet, pick-A-size sheet and pick-A-size rolls.
  • The full sheets are wider and are perfectly sized for food preparations, holding more chips, placemats.
  • The Sparkle Pick A Size Plus paper towels deliver a little something extra without breaking the budget. These paper towels are available in different prints.
  • The paper towels of pick A size are long-lasting. It consists of 24 pack of white rolls which is equal to 47 regular rolls. The size is around 11-inch x 7.1 inch. The company provides 0.6 inches extra in this size.
  • Furthermore, these paper towels are also used to clean bathroom counters, floors and mirrors.
  • Check out here – Amazon

6. Scott Essential Multi-fold Paper Towel, 1 Case of 16 Packs

  • Scott Essential paper towels are made of 40% post-consumer waste and 60% recycled fibre content. The Scott folded paper towels meet EPA standards and are FSC and Eco Logo certified. The product is economical and is great for the environment.
  • The paper towels have exclusive absorbency pockets which soak up water fast. Further, these trifold paper towels are designed to reduce waste. The paper rolls can fit into most universal multifold paper towel dispensers.
  • Each case of 16 packs has 250 tri-fold paper towels (4,000 total). Each white multi-fold paper towel is 9.2 inches x 9.4 inches. The Scott essential paper towels come in different packs too such as pack 2, pack 3, pack 4 and pack 5. Therefore the price varies according to each pack.
  • These paper towels are for bathrooms, office, rooms, cleaning hands and more. They have a fast-drying feature. Maybe the product price is on the higher side, but they are very effective and durable.
  • You can check the product here: Amazon

7. Genuine Joe GJO21100 Multi-fold Towels, pack of 16

  • The Genuine Joe multi-fold paper towel is made from 40% post-consumer material and from a high percentage of recycled fibre.
  • The paper towels are eco-friendly, soft, durable, cost-effective and have a good absorbent strength.
  • Multi-fold paper towels facilitate hands-free dispensing to help prevent cross-contamination. The interfolded towels encourage faster traffic and cleaner restrooms.
  • They have a deeply embossed design which offers thickness and preferable feel while using.
  • These paper towels are ideal for public environments such as public toilets/bathrooms. It can also be used for cleaning glass. Each bundle of 16 pack includes 250 towels which make a total of 4000. The size of the paper towels is 9.50-inch x 9.10-inch (9.06-inch x 3-inch folded).  
  • The multi-fold towels are also available in four-pack, three pack and two-pack. The price varies according to the packs.
  • Further, the product is made from a high percentage of recycled material so it is great for the environment.
  • You can check the product here: Amazon

Therefore, from the above-listed paper towel brands our favourite and also the most recommended ones according to customer reviews are Bounty, Presto and Viva similarly Brawny is also a great choice. These all paper towels are cost-effective and has excellent quality and durability. The buyers can purchase their favourite paper towels as per their requirement from the provided link on Amazon.

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