Best Curtains To Purchase For Your Home Interiors

Curtains are the most important part of every decor. May it be a home, office or any other place. It adds an essence to the interiors of any space. We are the UrbanHome reviews are reviewing the best available curtains to be used in winters or summers. These curtains help us from by providing privacy, weather conditions such as extreme heat, or cold breeze, or any other type of natural light. In this article, we have included the best categories of curtains as blackouts, sheers and valance.

One can select the required curtains of their choice at very efficient prices. I personally being the interior designer by profession have compared and listed the best curtains on Amazon one should purchase. Let’s start with it.

1. NICETOWN Full Blackout Curtain Panels, (Set of 2 PCs)

Blackout Curtain

NICETOWN full blackout curtain panels are made of 100% imported polyester material. This blackout curtain panels are super thick, insulated grommet drapes, and has double-layer blackout draperies with black liner.

These curtains keep us away from 100% sunlight and UV rays. It makes the window completely closed by providing a sound-proof environment. The effect of absorbing sound is 2 times higher than the ordinary 1-layer of curtains so that at any time you are not disturbed by noise.

The unique design draperies are constructed in such a way that it balances the room temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter chill meanwhile protect privacy. It has no chemical coating and hence it is an eco-friendly product.

The curtains are available in different sizes and colours. One can purchase according to their window sizes. They come as a set of 2 pieces/panels with different sizes such as W42 x L63, W42 x L84, W52 x L45, W52 x L54, W52 x L63, W52 x L72, W52 x L84, W52 x L95, W52 x L108 making available for all types of doors and windows.

It can be used in the living area, bedrooms, dining area, hotels and at spaces where you require privacy. The full blackout curtains are easy to maintain and clean. These can be hung to any rod using brackets or rings. It is machine washable with detergents and requires low-temperature ironing which makes it ready to use again.

Currently, this 100% full blackout curtains are available on discount. Check out the product here – Amazon

2. DECONOVO Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Panel for Outdoor – 1 Panel

BlackOut curtain panel

These Outdoor thermal insulated blackout curtains are silky, soft, drapery and very pleasant to touch. Matches perfectly with the windows and provides utmost privacy. The innovative triple-weave construction helps block out most of the light and UV ray. It is made by using a top fabric layer, back fabric layer and high-density black yarn.

DECONOVO blackout thermal insulated curtains can completely blackout your rooms and keep light out. It makes cool homes during hot summers and keeps heat in and cold out during cold winters, which makes your home a more comfortable place to stay. It has a feature of 6 silver colour grommets on each panel which makes it capable to reduce lights. The darker the colour, the better the light reducing capabilities.

The thermal insulated blackout curtains come as a single panel with different colours and sizes. It is available in three sizes such as 42″x63″, 42″x84″ and 42″x95″. These curtains are cost-effective.

The curtains can be used for both indoors and outdoors, doors and windows such as living area, bedroom, balcony, dining, etc. They can be easily hung onto any curtain rod using brackets and rings. The imported curtains are easy to maintain, care and is machine washable. 

Currently, they are available at discount. Check out here – Amazon

3. Sun Zero Barrow Energy Efficient Rod Pocket Curtain Panel – One Panel

Rod Pocket Curtain panel

Sun Zero’s curtain panels are made of imported polyester fabric which makes it efficient enough to darken the room and it reduces the light, and considerably darken the room. Though some light will show through. These materials do not allow a view through and provide complete privacy by reducing the noise too.

The thermal properties help keep summer heat and winter chill out of your home. In this curtain, the key function is darker the colour the better the light reduction property. It is energy efficient and reduces 25% of noise and enhances privacy.

The curtains are available as individual panels. They are available in many colours and sizes. The sizes includes, 54″x63″, 54″x84″, 54″x95″, 54″x108″ each in single panel which makes it usable for any size of doors and windows. One can enhance the look of their interiors or decor by installing any of the curtains of their choice.

The curtains can go with any decors and are suitable to install in the living area, bedrooms, dining area, hotel rooms, or any other area where privacy is required. It has a built-in rod pocket which fits up to rod of 1.5″ in diameter. These blackout curtains can fit into any standard or decorative curtain rod.

The Sun zero curtains are of imported material which makes it easy to maintain and are machine washable. The curtains are very cost-effective and look beautiful and elegant and enhance the space. Check the product here – Amazon

4. Sun Zero Barrow Energy Efficient Rod Pocket Curtain Valance

Pocket Curtain valance

The Sun zero barrow curtains are made of imported 100% polyester material. The room darkening technology blocks out some unwanted light while enhancing privacy. The energy-efficient design reduces energy lost through your windows by up to 25%. Thermal properties help keep summer heat and winter chill out of your home.

These curtains have a noise reduction feature up to 25% which helps you get a sounder and more uninterrupted sleep. The curtains enhance privacy. The valance curtains are available in different colours. The built-in rod pocket fits curtain rods up to 1.5″ in diameter. The double rod may be needed for layering. Each valance is separately sold and one can pair up with the curtains.

These valances enhance the decor of any space. It creates two layers which makes it more efficient to reduce light to enter. The valance is available in size 54″x18″. It is a cost-effective curtain and creates a beautiful environment. The curtains can be used in living area, hall, bedroom, dining, kitchen or any hotel rooms.
Currently, the product is available on discount. Check out here – Amazon

5. HLC.ME White Window Curtain Sheer Voile Panels (Set of 2)

Window Curtain

Sheer voile curtains give a light, romantic and airy look to a room by allowing sunlight to pass through the curtains. It is made of 100% polyester material. The fabric of voile curtains makes a unique window treatment that allows you to see outside but still allowing for privacy. The lightweight sheer voile curtains are a very effective decorating tool.

One of the great qualities to sheer voile curtains is that it comes in a wide variety of colours and sizes and are inexpensive. This allows you to use them in every room of the house without breaking your budget. They come as a set of 2 and sizes includes, 54″W x 54″L, 54″W x 63″L,   54″W x 72″L, 54″W x 84″L, 54″W x 90″L, 54″W x 95″L, 54″W x 108″L, 54″W x 120″L, 54″W x 132″L, 54″W x 144″L.

Sheer curtains are very easy to install and make them a great addition to any room as you can create a designer look with little effort. Each curtain panel can fit a curtain rod up to 1.5 inches. They can be fitted in any normal or decorative rod.

Sheer voile window treatments look great in any style of home, be it traditional or modern farmhouse, bedrooms, living area, hotel rooms, offering a lightweight and airy feeling that softens the ambience of any space. The curtains add a pop of solid colour in between embroidered curtains for a touch of elegant simplicity.

The sheer curtains are machine washable with cold and gentle cycle. Use only non-chlorine bleach if needed. Iron on lowest setting makes it ready to use when or as needed. Check out the product here – Amazon

6. No. 918 Emily Sheer Voile Rod Pocket Curtain Panel

Curtain panel

These elegant No.918 sheer voile curtains gently capture light and bring elegant beauty to the windows of any living space. It is made of classic sheer voile fabric material which makes it soft. The sheer curtain is equipped with a built-in rod pocket for easy hanging on curtain rods up to 1″ in diameter. The sheer curtains can be used alone or as an added layering piece for added privacy or a more lush look.

It is available in different colours and sizes. It can be used in any space to highlight the space such as living area, bedroom, dining area, kitchen, hotels or restaurants. The sizes in which it is available are 59″x54″, 59″x63″, 59″x84″, 59″x95″. The panels are available in a single piece.   

The curtains are machine washable with cold water and only non-chlorine bleach can be used when needed. Tumble dry on low heat and use a cool iron to reuse again. Check out the product here – Amazon

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