Best Toilet Papers Available On Amazon

There is no standardization of toilet paper squares or rolls sizes. These toilet papers are the much-needed ones for daily use. So words like mega rolls or standard rolls don’t mean much. One can compare the price and ply layers of a toilet paper to find the best suitable according to thickness and price. Nothing’s worse than cheap toilet paper that feels rough and falls apart when you use it. 

On top of that, you want to make sure to get toilet paper that dissolves easily in your toilet so it doesn’t clog your pipes. In this article we, The UrbanHome reviewers have reviewed the best available toilet papers available on Amazon. Let’s check them out below.

1. Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Papers, 24 Family Mega Rolls

toilet papers
  • Charmin’s softest toilet paper is made of 2-ply paper. 
  • This is an irresistibly soft paper with a unique cushiony touch. 
  • The pack contains 24 Rolls which is (338 sheets per roll) of Charmin Ultra Soft Family Mega Roll toilet paper.
  • Furthermore, these are more absorbent than other rolls and papers and are more durable. 
  • 1 family mega roll = 5+ regular rolls based on several sheets in Charmin regular roll bath tissue.
  • Moreover, the pack is worth the price and is affordable according to its amazing quality. 
  • Check out the product here: Amazon

2. Amazon Brand – Solimo 2-Ply Toilet Paper, 350 Sheets per Roll, 30 Count

Toiler paper
  • The Amazon brand toilet paper roll is made of 2-ply sheets. It is safe for standard sewer and septic systems.
  • Sustainable forestry initiative (SFI) certified sourcing made with pulp from responsibly sourced trees.
  • The pack includes 30 rolls (5 packs of 6 Rolls) and each roll has 350 sheets (10,500 sheets in total).
  • Furthermore, It’s an Amazon brand and made in the USA from foreign and domestic materials.
  • Moreover, the manufacturers provide a satisfaction guarantee and refund you for any reason.
  • Check out the product here: Amazon  

3. Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Soft Toilet Papers with Cushiony CleaningRipples, 24 Family Mega Rolls

cottonelle toilet paper
  • It is made with plant-based fibres which are biodegradable, clog-safe, sewer-safe and septic-safe.
  • These toilet papers are 3x thicker and 2x more absorbent per sheet vs. the leading value brand.
  • Furthermore, premium soft 2-ply toilet paper with a cushiony cleaning ripples texture that removes more at once for a superior clean vs. the leading value brand.
  • The pack contains 4 packs of 6 family mega rolls (24 family mega rolls total) = 108 regular rolls, 325 sheets per toilet paper roll.
  • Furthermore, one can pair with Cottonelle fresh feel flushable wipes for a refreshing clean.
  • Also, paper rolls are durable and worth the price. 
  • Check out the product here: Amazon

 4. Amazon Brand – Presto! 308-Sheet Mega Roll Toilet Paper, Ultra-Soft, 24 Count

amazon brand presto
  • These are made with pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.
  • This toilet paper leaves less lint behind and is septic-safe bath tissue.
  • Furthermore, the pack includes 24 mega rolls (4 Packs of 6 Mega Rolls) with 308 2-ply sheets per roll.
  • 24 mega rolls = 96 regular rolls (based on a regular roll with 77 sheets).
  • Moreover, these are our longer-lasting rolls. For small roll holders, try Presto.
  • One can also order this Amazon brand toilet paper through Alexa. 
  • Check out the product here: Amazon

5. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Papers, 24 Supreme Rolls, 3 Packs of 8 Rolls

toiler papers
  • Premium bath tissue delivers softness with 3 cushiony, absorbent layers, luxurious embossed texture for ultimate comfort.
  • Furthermore, the quilted northern ultra plush toilet paper is 3X thicker and 3X more absorbent than the leading value brand. 
  • The pack includes 24 supreme rolls of classic white toilet paper (3 Packs of 8 rolls each, 319 sheets per roll).
  • Moreover, it is flushable and safe for standard septic and sewer systems.
  • The toilet paper measures around – 24 Rolls / 850.6 SQ Feet (78m²) / 319 3-ply sheets per roll / 4.0 IN X 4.0 IN (10.1 CentimetreX 10.1 Centimetre)
  • Also, worth the price and quality.
  • Check out the product here: Amazon

6. Scott Essential Professional Bulk Toilet Paper for Business (13217), White

scott paper roll
  • This is made of 100% recycled fibre with 2-ply bulk toilet paper which is strong and absorbent. 
  • The pack consists of 83 rolls per case, with 506 sheets per roll.
  • Furthermore, it is a white colour and the toilet tissue is neutral and goes in any restroom.
  • It is a superior quality toilet paper at value prices which is affordable for the quality. 
  • Check out the product here: Amazon

So, from the above-mentioned list of best toilet papers, one can purchase anything according to their needs and requirements. According to us the most recommended ones are Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper, 24 Family Mega Rolls and Amazon Brand – Solimo 2-Ply Toilet Paper, 350 Sheets per Roll, 30 Count. 

Moreover, one can purchase these products from Amazon directly through the link available beside each product. Thus, providing an easy and free hassle shopping experience. Also, let us know your favourite handle pulls and furniture pulls in the comment section below. 

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