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The 7 Best Bone treat for Pet Dogs this December-19

Did you remember how much you feel excited when you are having some alluring snacks?  Just like us, our pets dogs also need to treat in their food instead of regular meals. They also need some special days where they can have their own delicious treat. We know that you simply love your dog and take immense pleasure in fulfilling their everyday needs. We also understand that just like other pet parents, you also want everything good for your forever friend. You want to ensure the overall health and wellness of your dog at every step of their growth and development. So let’s not wait and start this delicious article for pet dogs.

1. SmartBones Smartsticks Rawhide-Free Dog Chew

Chewing is an essential, healthy and enjoyable activity for dogs. Dog chews help keep teeth clean, jaws strong and are mentally stimulating to help prevent boredom and destructive behaviour. SmartBones have all the benefits of a rawhide chew, Without the rawhide! It is available in 3 flavours with different pack qty. You can check the product here: Amazon

–Highly Digestible and 100% rawhide-free
–Made with real chicken and wholesome vegetables
–Value for Money

–No weight limits listed on the package
–Not made in the USA

2. Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats

Milk-Bone is the dog treat brand that loving dog owners have trusted for over 100 years.  Treat your dog with Milk-Bone Original Dog Biscuits. Ideal for medium dogs weighing over 20 pounds, these delicious, crunchy dog snacks help clean your dog’s teeth and freshen breath. Fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals, these wholesome treats give your dog the same simple, genuine joy that your dog gives you every day. It offers a crunchy texture that helps remove tartar and plaque buildup and freshens breath. You can check the product here: Amazon

–Fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals for nutritional completeness
— Tasty, crunchy dog treat helps clean teeth and freshen breath
— Made in the USA

–Short Shelf life

3. Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones Dog Treats

These longer-lasting chews have all the deliciousness of a wholesome soup bone with a tender, beefy meaty centre inside. Its ingredients include high-quality proteins like chicken, beef and seafood, and then combine them with wholesome veggies and essential vitamins and minerals.  Just an add-on on the food- A portion of proceeds from each sale of Nutrish is donated to The Rachael Ray Foundation, which helps animals in need. You can check the product here: Amazon

–U.S. farm-raised beef/chicken/turkey
–No corn, soy, artificial flavours, or meat by-products
–Made in the USA

–Not much Long lasting for chewing as claimed in listing

4. Nylabone Healthy Edibles WILD Dog Treats

A healthy diet is a key to helping dogs feel their best. That’s why Healthy Edibles chew treats are created with dogs’ well-being-and taste buds-in mind. Excite your dog’s primal instincts with Healthy Edibles WILD chews. These treats are made in the USA with real, traditional proteins like bison, venison, and turkey. It comes in 4 flavours with different pack qty. You can check the product here: Amazon

–It contains no added salt, artificial preservatives, or artificial colours
–Healthy, natural dog bones are highly digestible

–Some people might disappoint with the small size of the bone.

5. Pet Parents Gnawtlers – Premium Elk Antlers for Dogs

Elk antlers are specially selected from Grade A premium raw elk antler for their weight, density, colour, & shape. From there, they are meticulously sorted, weighed, cut, sanded, vacuum-sealed, & labelled becoming Gnawtlers. Pieces are scrutinized from their original raw form laying on the forest ground all the way to customers. The marrow inside of elk antler chews is packed with calcium, phosphorus, manganese & zinc, providing a delicious treat that strengthens pup without all the calories & digestive issues tied to other options like raw hides & processed treats. You can check the product here: Amazon

–Freshly Shed, Top Notch Antlers
–Gnawtlers are naturally shed- No Animal cruelty
–Gnawtlers are vacuum sealed for dog safety

–Size is small (4.5’’ to 5’’)and girth is narrow
–Expensive as compared to other treat options

6. Pet Factory Beefhide

Established in 1989, Pet Factory had immense experience in dog food. They have global sourcing and a broad product line. It is 100% made in the USA. Beefhide chip rolls are totally natural and very nutritious dog chews. These chews are easily digestible and very gentle for sensitive stomachs. The beefhide rolls are of 5 inches in size and very safe as dog chews. This low-calorie treat contains protein and fibre which is great for dog’s behavioural and oral health. Beefhide is a quality product; a strict GFSI food quality standard is followed in manufacturing. You can check the product here: Amazon

–Contains NO hormones, fillers, glues or GMOs
–Available in fun shapes and flavours

–It is rawhide – not a bone

7. Pawstruck Filled Dog Bones

Like humans, dogs occasionally crave an extra special treat. That’s exactly what they’ll get with Filled Dog Bones! With the irresistible flavour of beef, peanut butter, or cheese & bacon, these dog bones are unlike any other treat your pup has ever tasted. It is available in small and large sizes, making them perfect for all breeds! This Variety Pack includes 1 Peanut Butter, 1 Cheese & Bacon, and 1 Beef Filled Bone. Additionally, Pawstruck facilities are audited, inspected, and approved by the FDA, USDA, and outside 3rd party inspectors

Each white femur bone is approximately 5 to 6 inches long and has been hollowed out to make room for a tasty filling. We take the time to slowly roast our American-made white bones for dogs to lock in the natural meaty and smoked flavour that dogs love. This bone is guaranteed to keep your dog busy! You can check the product here: Amazon

–Long shelf life -24 months
–Made In The USA

— Shell is hard and can be potential teeth cracker for some dogs

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