The Best 8 Area Rugs To Buy In 2020

We’ve heard from top decorators that great looking area rugs can be a perfect source of inspiration for an entire room’s worth of decor. Further, an area rug can transfer the look for both indoor and outdoor space. They are available in thousands of combinations of design patterns, colours, materials, sizes and shapes.

The rugs can really make a room pop up or bring a fun accent to your decor. If you have hardwood floors or tiled floors, an area rug can warm up your space and add comfort. They are easy to clean through vacuum cleaners or by water wash.
Here, we the UrbanHome reviewers have reviewed different types and brands of area rugs by comparing them through their material, pattern and design, durability and price. Let’s check them out.

1. Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Area Rugs, 2×3 Feet

  • The area rug is made of varieties of fibre such as acrylic, cotton and wool. They are made in varied pile height and design style suited to elevate any space. Unique loom rugs are crafted in such a way that they are long-lasting and makes perfect decor for any space.
  • The rugs have 100% polypropylene 1″ jute pile for the backing. This makes them slip-resistant. It is soft, lusty, elegant and of course affordable. Also, the rugs are water-resistant, mildew resistant, stain-resistant and do not shed.
  • The area rugs are available in different sizes, colours and patterns. It is 1.5 inches thick and is perfect for high traffic areas. They are perfect for bedrooms, dining area, living area, hall, kitchen, office and also for kids and are pet-friendly.
  • Furthermore, it is advised to spot cleaning and regular vacuuming. Also one can use a carpet cleaner shampoo to clean but it should be dried immediately and evenly. Currently, the rug is available on discount and also has an area rug coupon code.
  • You can check the product here: Amazon

2. LOCHAS Luxury Velvet Fluffy Rug Modern Shag Area Rugs

  • LOCHAS area rug is incredibly soft and features a top layer of fluffy material with sponge interlayer. Its comfy fabric is very family-friendly and ideal for indoor use. The rug is backed with thousands of non-slip grip dots that help to hold in place on wooden or other floor materials.
  • The area rug is designed for a luxurious feeling and comfort. They are soft to the touch, warm and beautiful. The rugs are shed-resistant, fade-resistant, non-slippery and skin-friendly.
  • This carpet is a great decor for the bedroom, kids bedroom, living area, dining area, office, nursery, classroom and dorm. The area rugs come in different sizes, colours and pattern designs. One can select and purchase according to their requirements. Further, the carpets are good to go for kids and pets too. 
  • The rugs are easy to clean and maintain. It can be cleaned with a hand-held vacuum cleaner and for a deeper clean, wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap. Allow the rug to fully air dry before next use for a perfect look. 
  • Check out here – Amazon

3. ASHLER Faux Fur Ultra Soft Fluffy Rectangle Area Rug

  • The ASHLER area rug carpet is made with high quality Mongolian faux fur. With super soft fur and leather bottom, it provides the best touch and feel.
  • The faux area rugs are available in different colours and sizes. The sizes are 2×3 feet rectangle, 2×3 feet sheepskin, 3×6 feet sheepskin, 3×3 feet round and 3×5 feet rectangle. The total height of the rug is around 7cm with the fur.
  • These rugs can be used for bedroom, living room, floor, sofa, chair seat cushion or any other decor. They should be cleaned with a damp cloth, and flat dry. Machine wash or water wash for these rugs are not advisable.
  • You can check the product here: Amazon

4. Maples Rugs Pelham Vintage Area Carpet [Made in the USA]

  • The maple rugs are made with timeless design and 100% Nylon pile. The rugs are the USA made.
  • The material adds durability and makes it fade-resistant. Also, they have latex backing which makes it skid-resistant.
  • The traditional vintage style with a dual-coloured design gives this area rug a lustre-like sheen.
  • They are printed in rich colours with durable materials to resist stain and discolouration.
  • The area rugs are available in different sizes and colours which makes it usable for different spaces. It has a 0.44-inch pile height which makes it low profiled to fit in any place.
  • The area rug or runner has a style that will be a focal piece from entryways, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen or any other area.
  • The vintage carpets are easy to maintain and clean. Further, they have long durability and quality as it is manufactured by American rug manufacturers.
  • The rugs can be machine washed and dried which makes it ready to use.
  • Above all, currently, the product is available on discount. Check out here – Amazon

5. SAFAVIEH Madison Collection MAD611F Bohemian Chic Vintage Distressed Area Rugs

  • The SAFAVIEH vintage area rugs are made of enhanced polypropylene and polyester fibres.
  • This ensures it to a virtually non-shedding rug. The contemporary rug adds a bohemian chic touch to any decor.
  • The area rugs are now available in 100 styles and 1,500+ colours and different sizes to choose from. A stunning array of colours gives a designer look and feel to any room at a comfortable price. The low 0.375-inch cut pile gives a sleek look to the carpet.
  • These rugs are stain-resistant. It is perfect for the living room, bedroom, dining room, nursery, foyer, or home office.
  • They are suitable for kids and pets too. The area rugs can hold up in high traffic area for homes and offices.
  • A rug pad is recommended for non-skid property and durability. They are easy to care and maintain and are machine washable.  
  • Check out here – Amazon

6. NULOOM RIGO Hand Woven Jute Rug

  • The NULOOM RIGO rug is crafted with sustainable 100% Jute and premium natural fibres. This area rug is manufactured in India.
  • Natural earthy fibres bring a coastal feel to any room. The area rugs are available in different sizes and two colours. Further, the thickness of the carpet is around 0.2 inches.
  • These jute area rugs can be used in a living room, bedroom, dining area, office and any other space. The price is a little expensive as they are made of pure jute fibres.
  • Check out here – Amazon

7. Cotton Buffalo Plaid Rugs Black And White Checkered Rug

  • This area rug is made of cotton buffalo plaid material. It has a mix of 50% polyester material which makes it soft.
  • The area rug is available in 2 sizes 23.6″x35.4″ and 23.6″x51.2″. The rug is available in black and white colour in checkered design and pattern.
  • The rugs can be used for kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, porch, living room and any other space. Further, it is very cost-effective and has high-durability.
  • The area rugs are easy to clean and maintain. They are machine washable. We would recommend adding a rug pad for the non-slippery property.
  • Check out here – Amazon

8. Unique Loom Trellis Frieze Collection Lattice Moroccan Geometric Modern Runner Rug

  • The Unique Loom area rug is made of polypropylene material with cotton backing. This rug is water-resistant, dew resistant, stain-resistant, and it does not shed.
  • This rug is perfect for those with high traffic areas. Above all, it is available in different sizes and colours.
  • One can choose according to their interior or decor giving a wide range of options. The rug is about 0.33″ thick.
  • The Moroccan style geometric rugs are trendiest for any decor. It can be used in the bedroom, kids room, dining area, living room, office, play zone or any other space to highlight the decor.
  • The carpet is ideal for kids and its pet-friendly.
  • The area rug is easy to use, clean and maintain. As long as it’s a short-pile and indoor rug, we recommend spot cleaning and regular vacuuming for durability. Also one can use a carpet cleaner shampoo to clean, but it should be dried immediately and evenly.
  • You can check product here: Amazon

Therefore the above listed are the best brands of area rugs with best design and pattern available on Amazon. The buyers can purchase according to their decor and interiors for any space. They are available in wide colour, design and pattern so it will enhance any place. According to our review, our most recommended one is Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Area Rug – 2×3 Feet,  LOCHAS Luxury Velvet Fluffy Rug Modern Shag Area Rugs and Unique Loom Trellis Frieze Collection Lattice. Hence, one should surely purchase them and it can be purchased from the link provided for easy and hassle-free shopping. 

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