Top Best 8 Cutting Board To Buy For Your Kitchen

A great cutting board can seriously up your home-cooking game, whether you’re cutting veggies, chopping herbs, or slicing steak. A cutting board is a workhorse in any kitchen. Above all, it should be large, providing ample space for carving or chopping, and relatively easy to care for. There are thousands of wood cutting board in the market, as well as ones made from plastic, flexible plastic, glass and every material in between. There are small cutting board and a large cutting board. And most cutting board sets need to be hand washed or also can be dishwasher-safe. 

There’s so much variety in this category that it can be hard to know the good ones from the not-so-much. So, to help you out we, The UrbanHome reviewers have reviewed the top best 8 cutting boards available on Amazon. Let’s check them out below. 

1. GORILLA GRIP Original Oversized Cutting Board, Large Size, 16 Inch x 11.2 Inch

cutting board
  • The Gorilla Grip Cutting Board is made of superior quality. It is extra strong and ultra-sturdy with a durable TPR border to help ensure it remains in place on your countertops. 
  • Moreover, its convenient handle allows you to more easily prep your food between counter, sink, stove and BBQ.
  • The board is dishwasher safe and BPA-free. It’s also non-porous so it won’t splinter, crack or peel. No oiling or maintenance necessary.
  • Furthermore, each board features a double-sided design to help prevent cross-contamination and avoid flavour mingling while you cook.
  • It measures around 16″ x 11.2″ and  At 1/3″ thick, the board is thicker than many others out there. Contains deep grooves to catch juices to help you keep your food prep areas cleaner.
  • Also, available in different colours and are a great choice for chopping vegetables and meats and serving cheese with a complete product guarantee.
  • Check out the product here: Amazon

2. HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board (3-Piece Set) – Multiple Sizes (Black)

cutting board
  • This cutting board is crafted with thick, heavy-duty plastic, our BPA-free cutting boards provide a clean food prep surface for every meal.
  • Moreover, a non-porous, ultra-strong cutting surface is gentle on cutlery and knives and can be put in the dishwasher for quick, easy cleanup.
  • Each pack comes with three distinct cutting board sizes, including small, medium and large; perfect for multi-course meals or all-day use.
  • Furthermore, these reversible cutting boards feature juice grooves to catch sticky or acidic drippings and non-slip handles to protect you and surfaces.
  • These are also available in different colours. Also, tough enough to withstand heavy chopping, slicing, dicing and sharp knives, our surface won’t retain stains or odours for long-term use.
  • Check out the product here: Amazon

3. OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

OXO cutting board
  • This cutting board is double-sided, non-porous surfaces resist odours and won’t dull knife blades.
  • Made of high-quality plastic with soft and tapered edges form comfortable handles for carrying.
  • Furthermore, these cutting boards are non-slip feet and keep the board in place while chopping and slicing.
  • Measures around, large 10.39-in x 14.78-in utility cutting board is ideal for big meals.
  • Moreover, it has integrated drip-catcher and easy-pour corners which minimize messes.
  • Also, the product has value for money with high durability and is easy to clean. And are dishwasher safe
  • Check out the product here: Amazon

4. Dexas Heavy Duty Grippmat Flexible Cutting Board, Set of Four

chopping mats
  • Cutting boards are made of BPA free material and are lightweight and flexible. They are non-porous and non-absorbent too.
  • One can fold and roll these cutting boards to easily funnel prepped food into pans and bowls.
  • Furthermore, the cutting board has non-slip backing grips to counter surfaces for safety.
  • Set of four cutting boards, one each of red, yellow, green and blue. Use different colours while cutting to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Boards measure around 8 by 11 inches. Moreover, also available in different sizes. 
  • These boards are dishwasher safe and also easy to clean and store. 
  • Check out the product here: Amazon

5. Wood Bamboo Cutting Board, Set of 3

wooden cutting board
  • This cutting board is made from naturally organic, quickly renewable bamboo. It’s priced for its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties, and 100% toxin-free make. 
  • These cutting boards are for the kitchen top choice for those who care about their health, family and the environment.
  • Furthermore, the front side of the boards has deep juice grooves on side 1 of this XL, medium and small wooden cutting boards ensure your countertops stay acid, damage, and mess-free.
  • Moreover, the other side is stylish, elegant and impressive. Your family’s favourite spreads look atop the flat side of these boards at parties. 
  • Suitable for preparing and carving giant smokehouse BBQ and turkey. 
  • Also, suitable to chop fruit, filleting fish, creating veggie platters and serving hours devours. And while bamboo is the tallest, toughest grass on the planet, this board has just enough given to protect your razor-sharp knives. 
  • It’s available in 3 sizes. 1 Extra Large Bamboo (18 x 12.5″, 3.5lbs) 1 Medium sustainable bamboo wood (14.5 x 11.5″, 2lbs) and 1 Small wooden (12 x 9″, 1.5lbs). 
  • Above all, the manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee.
  • The product has value for money and also available in different sizes and sets.
  • Check out the product here: Amazon

6. Plastic Chopping Board Set of 4 

plastic chopping board
  • The cutting boards are made of BPA-Free and sturdy material. Providing for slicing, dicing and chopping food.
  • Moreover, it has non-slip rubber feet, making it safer for you to cut on. Groove collects excess liquids, preventing spills.
  • The pack consists of three sets: a large 15.75” x 9.56”, a medium 12.32” x 7.75” and a small 9.84” x 5.83” size. Plus, an extra bonus of high quality grip peeler at no cost.
  • Furthermore, also available in different colours and sets. And are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. 
  • The manufacturers provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and customer support. 
  • Check out the product here: Amazon

7. Farberware Plastic Cutting Board, 8-Inch by 10-Inch, White

chopping board
  • This cutting board is made of BPA free, polypropylene plastic. The poly material is non-absorbent, non-porous, and will not harbour odours, stains, or harmful bacteria. 
  • It is gentle on knives, keeping their blades from getting dull quickly.
  • Moreover, this cutting board is reversible for double the cutting surface and features a hand hole for added control and stability.
  • It’s rectangular and measures around 10 inches long by 8 inches wide by 0.25 inch thick. Also, available in different sizes. 
  • Furthermore, it is a versatile product. This poly board is ideal for cutting, slicing and chopping meats, poultry, fish and vegetables.
  • This is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and trouble-free maintenance.
  • Check out the product here: Amazon

8. Flexible Plastic Mats set, Colorful Set of 3

cutting mats colorful
  • These mats are made of BPA-free, antimicrobial material and are non-toxic.
  • Moreover, it is flexible enough and can be bent or funnelled to help unload chopped ingredients into waiting pots and pans.
  • The product is available in three assorted colours for use with different types of food to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Furthermore, they are easy to store and are very pocket-friendly. 
  • Also, it’s safe in the dishwasher and won’t retain odours. Neither will dull knives and protect the countertops.
  • Check out the product here: Amazon

So, from the above-mentioned list of best cutting boards, one can purchase anything according to their requirements. According to us the most recommended ones are GORILLA GRIP Original Oversized Cutting Board, Large Size, 16 Inch x 11.2 Inch; OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board and Wood Bamboo Cutting Board, Set of 3. 

Moreover, one can purchase these products from Amazon by the direct link provided beside each product. Thus, providing buyers with an easy and hassle-free shopping experience. Also, let us know your current favourite product in the comment section below. 

Thank you, for your valuable time on the blog, website and for purchasing a product. 

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